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Classes & Training


SilverSneakers FLEX Classes: Whether indoors or outdoors, beginner or experienced, we have fitness classes fit for everyone. All SilverSneakers classes are led by our supportive instructors. If you have SilverSneakers included in your Medicare Advantage Plan, you get all of the location access, SilverSneakers classes, on-demand videos, and perks of membership at no additional cost. Check Your Eligibility HERE! If you are not a SilverSneakers Member, you are able to join in the classes for as low as $4 a class (SilverSneakers FLEX Classes only). Why you should join a SilverSneakers Class?!

Please let me know if you will be attending any of the classes so I can set up the rooms accordingly. If Swanton Local Schools are Delayed or Closed due to Snow and/or ice, Classes are canceled.

Tuesday Classes - at Julie's Fitness Studio 6763 Providence Street Whitehouse, Ohio 43571

                  SilverSneakers Yoga (Chair) Class: Join our class and release any stress and bring your body to calmness. During this 45 minutes class, we relax with slow movements and controlled breathing. Finding the time to focus on ourselves and create a calming space. We do not get on the floor for any exercise and accommodate for any modifications if needed. 

                   SilverSneakers Circuit/Interval Class: This class gets the heart going within a safe range. We will start with a warm up and move into 30 minutes of exercises. We will use dumbbells, balls, light flexion bars, and our own body weight to strengthen our muscles and our hearts. Finding the beat of the music to work our way through 8 different exercises followed by a rest period. Then we will repeat and make our way to a cool down. All exercises can be modified and are made for my SilverSneakers in mind. 

               SilverSneakers FLEX TRX Suspension Class: The class is suited for all levels of fitness. You will use a Suspension Trainer and your own body weight for a full body workout. You will gain Strength, Balance, Coordination, and Stability. Every exercises engages the core. Good Core strength is beneficial for balance, strength, and stability for every day movement. We do not lay on the floor for any of the exercises.

                SilverSneakers Low Impact Circuit FLEX Class: This is a low impact class that keeps you moving and strengthens your body. Every class we start with a warm up and a cool down. During the 45 minute class we incorporate the ball, dumbbells, and band in various movements. We strengthen the muscles and simple movements that you would make use of in your every day routines


Individual Personal Training
1 client per session

So you are here figuring out if you should hire a Personal trainer:

The benefits you will receive is a personalized session. You will have 1-1 on training to keep you on the track to your goals and keep you motivated. With a Personal trainer by your side they will guide you through safe exercises, making sure you know where you should benefit from each exercise. Whether you choose In Person or Virtual  I will give you clarity to reach your goals! Starting with a  FREE Consultation & Assessment. Learning about you and your goals will help personalize your workout plan. 

What to Expect at each session:

Each workout expect to work your best. There will be various equipment used at each session. When you do virtual training I will make sure we can use equipment you have or modify so you are able benefit from every workout. All equipment is routinely cleaned and cleaned after each use. Before attending your first training session you must sign and submit a Waiver or at the time of your consult


Semi Private Training
2-3 clients at each session with the same goals

Semi Private sessions are similar to the 1 on 1 training sessions. You will get personalized programs that meets your goals, but with 2-3 other clients that have the same goals. The benefits of being in a Semi Private Training session is the cost is lower for you, motivation from other clients, building healthy atmosphere together, and reaching your goals together. During your 45 minutes sessions we will be working on form and forming habits to achieve your goals. We will start with a FREE assessment and consultation. You have the option to add on Nutrition guidance to assist more in your goals. Bring water to each session. Before attending your first training session you must sign and submit a Waiver or sign at time of Consult

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