Da Netra Smith @ Level Fitness, LLC

Level Fitness, LLC was created by Da Netra Smith in 2014. We are bombarded with unrealistic expectations in the weight loss world. Several of my friends wanted to lose weight or become healthier and non of my friends were professional trainers, there is so much time going down the rabbit whole of what is or isn't healthy.  Most of the time I find myself looking into new ideas and experiences and decided to learn more about fitness and the health industry. Being able to work with others and giving them them the tools they need to reach their goals is what makes my career so much fun. Having my clients be able to experience feats they didn't think were every possible is amazing. Each step needs to be step forward to live a long healthy, rewarding life.

We go through college and maintain on the the cafeteria foods. Then you move on to marriage and kids where our schedules are penciled in between practices and homework or your work schedule is full of meetings and deadlines. Where can I fit in going to the gym and figuring out what is healthy to eat?  Not everyone's schedule is the same but we all need to be able to get around our days and to do that we need to healthy. 

With work and family keeping my schedule busy, It's easy to get caught up in the rush and being able to stay healthy. Online Personal Training allows me to stay motivated in helping others achieve their goals. With online personal training you will be able to keep your lifestyle of work or family but still be able to have the tools to stay healthy. You need to be able to balance everything and create en environment to love your best life and live to the fullest. Having an online personal trainer I will work with you to make healthy habits, healthy meals, and a healthy life so you can have the energy for your fast paced lifestyle. You will have the tools to navigate between meetings and soccer games. 


Certified Personal Trainer

Verifying a Personal Trainers Certifications is for your safety. During our training and CECS we find the best in our Industry to learn from so we are able to train you to get you to your goals in a safe and healthy environment. 



TRX Instructor Certification


ACE Personal Trainer Certified & Maintained


ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certified & Maintained


Precision Nutrition Certified Coach


Level Fitness, LLC established


Fitness Nutrition Speciaist Program


Certified Online Trainer


Fitour Cycling Certified Instructor